Sunday, 5 July 2015

Everything About Windows 10 Update

Every Windows user is curious about the latest Windows 10 update, but here is something you must know about this update. So here in this article I will tell you Everything About Windows 10 Update. Read carefully there are many surprises for all of you.
Gomsi-Techy- Everything About Windows 10 Update
Everything About Windows 10 Update

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More about Windows 10:

Well the first thing that we all need to understand is that Windows 10 is not free at all. Which means if you are an #WindowsXP user, or if you have cracked your windows to work for you, what we say a "FAKE" windows installed on your PC, you have to buy it. Windows has not revealed the price yet but, you might need to cut $499 almost for Windows 10.
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10- not for Sale
But those who are using Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can upgrade to Windows 10. But this is not straight as it seems. Microsoft has said you can have have this free upgrade only for 1 Year. 
And one more thing the Total size of Windows 10 for PC is 3.8GB. but that not you get a download link from the website, thats an upgrade. and there is a bulgy procedure. You need to apply for upgrade, then you will get a download link, an icon will appear on your task bar, now when ever there will be an upgrade you need to download that manually, and install it.
But there are a loads of versions of Windows 7 and 8 to know what you will get after Windows 10 upgrade that will be different from user to user. But here is a basic chart for your help it might help.
Gomsi-Techy: know your windows 10

 Cortana:  People who are already using will have started loving her. She is intelligent and bit Coded very smart. Cortana will be a default application in windows 10.
In PC, she will be at the start button, She will be in your new Browser. She will be monitoring you more than before. So here is much threat to our "Privacy".
But Microsoft says that they will not be using our data for their own use, like Google does. So there will not be any ads regarding your interests or your location or activity. But it's just written some where on their, Specification page. But we are never sure what's going on under the hood. 

Coming back to Cortana, again in first phase She will be available only in USA, UK, China, France, Germany and Spain. I think the developer working on this project are from these countries only. 

HOLA!! The New & Next Windows 10:

Well if we have to believe Microsoft then by now there are already more million users of Windows 10 Beta program. People are using it on their PC, Tabs and Phones, and you might get reviews from many on YouTube. But I have told you some things about Windows 10 like Cortana and it's Upgrade, but still there is lot more:
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 Edge BrowserSparta, the name sound kool isn't it? For last few years (may be more or less) Microsoft was working on a secret Project code name "SPARTA". (I think Bill Gates has watched 300 movie 300 times.) Well it was the name suggested for its new upcoming browser. But now when the project is over Microsoft claims that it has an Edge over rest of the browsers. So they named or renamed it to Edge Browser. 
Its more user friendly than all the browsers, loaded with kool tabs and many features, like you can use make a report or cut a snap directly from the browser and attach to the mail or save to your PC or Tablet. And its the first Browser which comes ready for the Tablets. Specially designed for Touch Screen interface. So what ever you ever wanted to do from from a touch PC or a tab, you can do with the help of Sparta. Sorry!! I mean  Edge, Edge Browser.

Games, we all windows users are epic fan of Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts. We always challenge our mates to break our record. Well Microsoft will remove all these games from your PC. And in place of that there will be new Microsoft Solitaire Collection and "Microsoft MineSweeper".
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 Minesweeper

 I haven't yet played these games but Microsoft has already added these games to Xbox Account on Windows Phone. I hope the high scores made by us on our PC does not gets removed that will be painful. :}

OneDrive, no more OneDrive app will be in the latest Windows 10, but it will be replaced by some INBOX version of OneDrive. Much data is not available about it. Will give you more update as it is available.

User Accounts: We all are using one master account and other guest accounts on Windows PC.
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 User Accounts
This will be continued to new Gen, but with a twist. You can create most up to 5 user accounts, all will be logged in with only windows id. So for all users their apps and settings will be loaded. So if you have a Windows 10 PC at home and a windows phone with every one in your family, so what ever you were doing on your Windows Phone you can continue it on Windows PC, Well thats a Kool feature!! So PC will be personal again, with your own credentials. 

Windows Halo: Here is one more thing added to Windows 10, Windows Halo. Halo is additional security feature added to Windows 10 PC and mobile may be. Halo will be requiring a sexy infrared camera for face detection or your iris reader or detection which will read your eyes for secure log in. And if there is a thumb reader or Biometric sensor on your PC, then you can also enable it using Halo for Secure Log In. 
Not just this, using Halo you can have a 2-Step verification method for login. but if you don't have a sexy camera installed over your PC or no biometric sensor, then you can also enable your it using your Smart phone with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Apps: We all scream for Apps on Windows Store. Well here is Good news according to a leak news on BGR, We might be using the "Re-Worked" Android apps on our Windows 10 devices. So thats kinda good news for windows lovers who were thinking to migrate over to Android phone just for a couple of apps. 
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 Phone

More on Windows Phone:Except for the updated mentioned above, few things will be added to Windows phone like add image to background, more color options for tiles, transparent tiles, all toggle tools in the scroll down menu. 
If now you are feeling like you want a Windows 10 Upgrade before it gets paid you can click here.

That's all for this till now, be informed, be in touch know more, just hit the Google+ Follow button.

Here Comes the Bang!! Duck-Duck-Go

"DuckDuckGo", may you have heard about it, if you have not, then its time to hear the Duck. But this Duck has nothing to do with Donald Duck from Disney Land. Not even it's like I have got a duck in my house and I am loving it. No i have not got any Duck. And not even I am asking you to "DUCK". 
gomsi techy: Duckduckgo
I am talking about a revolutionary new Search Engine, who is a real competitor to Google. there were days when we had no other option except for Google. Yeah many other tried to make a mark on our PC. There were BING, YAHOO!, and is there any other name you can tell me. Yeah Sorry my Russian Friends I forgot to mention your only Yandex, and Baidu for my Chinese friends. But there no such replacement for Google.
But here is one best alternative to this big G of our PC. 

#Bang with DuckDuckGo!!

The title says "Here comes the Bang", and you must be assuming that this search engine is a super bang or bomb or may be i am exaggerating about it. No, But may be you all are right in many ways. This Search Engine is really Super Bang, specially its SERP the Search Engine Result Page.
Gomsi-Techy: DuckDuckGo SERP

When ever you search something, it automatically checks weather its a Question or you are looking for an app or even you are searching for live weather forecast for your city. Every result is purely defined, and this is the only reason why Google is showing so many new changes in its result page.

Windows was never free so do Windows 10 is not free, Check out more here.

Is that Bang ?

Well Bang is the feature which has been added to very recently. And this is very different from what we were dong till now on Google. Till now if we want to search something on google we need to search that, then plenty of results, choose your one...from the Crap.
Duckduckgo has changed the game. It has introduced BANGS, here we have many categories. On the Bang Page, you will see many small strings or words with the help of which you will easily find the right thing for you, weather its a song or video oe news or say anything... it has nearly 6219 categories and still growing. what else are you looking for.
Gomsi-Techy: DuckDuckBang

They are making web a bit easy, yeah in starting it will be difficult for us as Facebook, Twitter (it is still an issue for many). But someone has stepped forward to make the web simpler with some strings.
And the best part, you can include your own Bangs! Like you want to add data from your Univ or College, you can create the bang here. All you need is that you must know some languages mentioned in its list. So for all developers I request, please participate in bringing the new Internet to the world.
They allow you to Hack it, yes I really mean it. Hack it now.

Other Kool stuff on

Yeah DuckDuckGo is hell Kool man. you know what, everytime we make some searches on Google, it stores our results our history, what are we looking for, from where we are looking for, what is my username, my passwords everything.
DuckDuckGo believes in complete Internet privacy. We are not followed anymore, so it wont show according to our searches but it will always show What Is Best Now!!


Have you ever tried finding a particular question, and Google proudly shows 1 billion results in 1.76 seconds. But luckily none of use. DuckDuckGo has come up with a unique solution for that. They will sense the querry and will show the results according to that. But thats still in Beta phase, many developers are working on it. If you have some good knowledge of some some kool languages then you can easily Hack this Duck.


Besides all this they are working on that cool stuff which are in their labs, like Maps. Yes, Google Maps, some Bing Maps, and confusing Apple maps, but soon we will be using some new maps from DuckDuckGo, don't know what will they call it. But I am sure when we will be following Duck maps, it would not be tracking us back.

Yes the list has just started, and this just the beginning of a new era of Internet. But if you have just came to know about the new Duck in the town, then you should try these kool searches on Google, Bing and Duck.
  • Weather
  • Shoes
  • my IP
  • Calories in egg (or what ever you are eating now)
  • Batman App (or any app)
  • Alarm App iphone/android/windows(beta) 

Well there are some kool suggestions I found on DuckDuckGo. It might not be up-to-mark as Google is (bing totally failed). But Guys if you have searched these strings then you might be also have started falling love with this intelligent Duck. Well I know you need a screenshot :)
Gomsi-Techy: DuckDuckBang- Answers

I will keep you updated. If you liked this, or you want to know more about anything, please let me know.
Well have you ever fantasied Time Travel?
Till then Have safe Internet time.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Windows 10 is for FREE!!! WHY?

The good news for all windows users, specially who loved Windows OS. Yep Windows 10 will be distributed free. And on the 29th of July, everyone using the Windows 8.1 phone or PC with ORIGINAL WINDOWS 7, 8 or 8.1, will be able to transform his machine into a brand new bombshell. And not just this, after windows 10, Microsoft will stop manufacturing any OS like this.
Gomsi-Techy-Windows 10 preview
Windows 10
Since the arrival of Windows phone, Microsoft has started giving free up-gradation to its OS on it's almost devices, the only condition is your handset must be compatible.
Gomsi-Techy-Windows 10 phone preview
Windows 10
Many of us might have already tried the beta version on their phones and many of us have also tried on their PC's. And also we got a mixed bag of reviews. Some liked a lot the new transitions and the rest reported the bugs in the OS. Yes it was because the version was in Beta Mode, with a lot of bugs. :)

If Its in Beta Mode (trail mode), why is out, before bringing out the stable version?

Well we all know, beta mode means the version available is not stable, and the the software manufacturer of that particular OS or software are not completely satisfied, with the the outcome. and now they are running a lot of tests to find if it needs  some improvement. And you know what to test a software or an OS you need not to be an expert, all you need is the love or more specifically interest in that particular OS or Software or any app. And you know the basic reason and the most specific answer to reason why companies let their product out in the market before the complete version is out, is that, there are a billions of users out there who want to use the OS before its actually available to the masses. And everyone uses every software in a particular different way, so what a billion can do is not possible inside the lab, with 100 or 200 developers. So, I guess everyone reading this blog must be proud of themselves, as they are helping the giants to make their version much better for all. And yes if you keep finding bugs, you will be the one who will get a mail for new version and you will be specially invited to check the new version, (like i have many invites from Google.:))

That's OK, it's in Beta and blah-blah, but why is Windows 10 is for free??

Good Question indeed. The reason for bringing Windows 10 is the competition it's getting from the newbies in the market. Chrome OS is here, always free. Android OS always free and upgradeable (well conditions apply). Even the most costliest phone maker in the market Apple, gives away free updates to its iOS phones and Mac Machines. And now Ubuntu the Linux distro is now getting very famous these days. And you know Linux was and will be always free, and more even it is also coming to smartphone platform. Yup, again free, forever.
So from these deductions, and with the release of many android phones, which lead to the reduction of windows users, and increasing in number with fake Windows users, Microsoft is left with no other option except for launching it free to everyone.
Yes Windows 10 is free but not Open Source. May be soon, it will be because soon iOS will be open source. may be with a release of iOS9, we might see some new announcements soooon.

Its not the End...

Still i have lot more to share with whats new in the market, stay tuned, and enjoy technology, with Gomsi-Techy.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Time Travel : My Concept and Theory

Few weeks back i was chatting to a "Random guy" on internet on some random website. And he said that he wants to work on "Time Machine", with some negative energy, he can go back in time. And practically this is completely impossible. But if we do  some google, we might find some proofs of time travel, as pictures and videos, which might be edited, no big deal. And many scientists around the woorld are working on it. Yeah, some says NASA is working or developed and some says, Swiss army is using it from years back.

This all started during world war 2, when America and Germany scientists wanted their way to win the battle. Even some say that Hitler was so close to this, With some Alien Tech. But America ruined his plans, also Hitler didn't trust everyone. So he also kept killing his own team.

But what if some one really create a Time Machine???

Well if we study the notes from the great Scientist of the century Stephen Hawkins, we may conclude that this isn't going to effect anything. Even if we refer to Indian Purans, it's clearly mentioned, that Energy never dies. And we go in  dimensional world, and our energy is either there or moved in some other dimension.That's why we some time feel, the presence of someone or something in a perticullar place, specialy when its not been occupied by anyone or anything for a long time. And the longer aa thing remains in one place the stronger is the energy. 
Lets take an example to clear this: You live with someone for a long time, and what if that thing gets broken, or the person has moved from your place, in his presence you still feel "I have this person or thing", this not because you are emotionally attached this is because, your brain keeps receiving energy signals around you. And this is the reason why sometimes you feels someone following you, or when you are playing hide and seek, your brain signals you where to go. But this doesn't not happens exactly, if we are playing in our house, coz' when we are kids, our energy is in every room and every corner of our house.
Coming back to the topic of Time Machine or time Travel, I really think it wont matter  because, the time machine cannot recreate the energy or dead energy when its already occupied by more stronger energy resource. And if it created, its just energy, which can be just felt, but cant be touched. So going forward in future is completely impossible. Coz' we need to create somthing so that we can touch that or feel that. 
Otherwise that will be just an assumption what can happen, and this can be be calculated only with the help of Calculus or Probability. 

In any one has any doubt regarding any proof, before asking me ask your self, is it a movie scene or "Photoshoped". You might get an answer.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Now Get Your Domain From Google

Google Domains

The king of search engine is now going to expand its arms in the field of Domains, yeah with Google you can also search and own your favorite domain name with Google itself. But this site is under beta version, which mean right now you wont be able to buy your domain. Only people who have got special invitation from Google will be able to buy the domain. If you want the SPECIAL INVITATION, just fill a small form on google page.
Try your luck and get the special invitation to buy domain from Google.
To check out more just visit Google Domain.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Is Incognito mode browsing safe??

Is "Internet" tracking Us!!

What ever you type on Google or internet every word is scanned, even in incognito mode. And you cant just blame Google, whole internet marketing is based on this tracking. What we need is just to search on internet and our searches are saved to our some "abc34234u788ynhn66555" profile code. And to the profile code is linked to our IP address and Machine address, yeah our machine do has some number which we cant change. So according to that Internet serves our "food" or what ever you call it.

Ok let us understand it with a very simple and real example. Nowadays most of us have some websites or online web-portals. And 99% of us start with "". If you never have tried,  search for any one web address which has lowest rates, and keep checking its price and similar address for almost 3-4 days, on the forth or fifth day the price will be higher of the the web address you really want. And Godaddy says many people are searching for this and suddenly we have to raise the price. Ohh... what to do now!!??
Wait for 3-4 or more days don't make a single search on this site, you will see the prices as low as before. so moral of this short story is that you area traced 24 hours what ever you are searching. Similarly you might have also herd about some life insurance policies you bought that for 2grands and your friend got the same for 1Grand (say) or you friend got the same policy at much lesser price than you. why??? how did this happened?? Simple answer, Your Profile which has all data what do you need, when do you need, and do you really need that or just doing some timepass. They just need to sell product and you need the service or product.
The Internet thing is going terrible.

Surf Safe With Incognito Mode or Private Browsing:

So keep us out of this terrible thing, here is Incognito Mode or so called Private Browsing mode. Earlier this mode was designed to keep us secure while online banking thing so that even accidantly  no data gets saved on the local machine. So it's helpful in two ways, first if we are browsing somthing or checking your mails on any other system except for your and want to avoid the password remembering thing and all the creepy "peeping" into our online profile, just switch on "Incognito" mode or "Private Browsing" mode.

But now with Incognito mode new problem has been raised. Google still knows what we search, its peeping into our pages. This was limit. but guys now web browsers are also saving our data. Everything, and by everything, I really mean EVERYTHING. Google gives its own home made candy "CHROME" and from the house of Mozilla we have "FIREFOX" or you might have Apple's "SAFARI", now with private browsing mode. I don't count IE  in the list of browsers, so no questions regarding that. but guys they al,save data, yeah provide much safe browsing on your "local machine".
There are apps like Adblocker and many other which increases online security. But while incognito mode all such adblocker or third party cookies blocker or tracker blocker become inactive. Now?????
I am a tech geek kindda boy and this blog is also dedicated to techy things. So to provide you a better solution, to save you everywhere no external apps required, and if I say You can even browse safely without ads. I found a very sexy made-in -India web browser, "EPIC".

I has a lot of features like its Indian, well it also blocks ads, cookies saves almost no data. I didn't found any history tab, and the most schoking thing about this browser, It even does not have incognito mode.
Soon i will roll out the full review of this intelligent browser.
Till then safe the web Securely and sssshhhhhhhh....... you are still traced.

Friday, 30 May 2014

The War of Technology: The Micro-Processors

Everyday a new Smart phone is launched, which has been packed with so called a latest processors. Dual core, Quad core, Hexa Core, and there are also Octa core processors. But when we go for buying a phone we mess up between a dual core and most of the quad core phones. The thing that surprises me the most is that the PC I use is running on Intel's dual core processor and my smarty Smart Phone is running on a Quad core processor. But my PC never hangs but my phone many times messes up with me. It might have also happened with you. Ever thought why it happens.

Well the the reason lies in the architecture of the processor. When a MicroProcessor is designed it is decided how many programs it should run without heating up. In earlier days the processors were made
To run and manage the current running apps, but nothing to do with the idle apps and softwares. But now the the thing which adds smartness to our smart phones makes really smart has been made smart. The processors are smart enough to decide which app will run and which app should stop working which also adds up to the battery life of your SmartPhone.

If I try to list some good makers I will rank Intel on number 1. It does a lot of R&D in ts labs which not just makes your phone smart but tending to make your life also smarter. Then with special conditions I will ask you to go for AMD, get it in your PC if you can arrange an extra cooler go for it or better if there is an AC in your room or office. Now Qualcom is also trying to enter the Business of Processors for PC with its Sapdragon-800 series. And if you are looking for a best processor for your smarty smartphone start counting from Qualcom, coz its also doing a lot of R&D on its products. Intel is also there, but I dont know why its not introducing its Atom series for smartphones. But these two add upto the cost of you big SMARTPHONE. Now for budget smartphone we have our most loved and widely accepted by giants like Samsung, huawai and Panasonic in the smartphones, its Mediatek. Yeah this chines guy is also doing better and you can also count on it. It has also officially launched its Octa-Core Processor with a speed of 2Ghz, but its only for smartphones, unlike Intel's Atom and Qlaucom's S800 it cant be used in PC.  But yes, as a processor for your smarty smartphone, you can still count on this new kid in the market.

Now here are some giants like Samsung and Apple who use their own special Processors. Samsung is using Exynos processor which is designed by Qualcom according to the requirements. And many of you might also be using Samsung S3/4/5, these special kids use Exynos microprocessor chip, specially designed by Smart engineers of Samsung, to improve the user's experience. And this really helped to increase its market share. Here is one more giant which makes its own special processors for increasing the users experience, none other than Apple, it is makes its own processor for its iPhone and iPads. But when it comes to PC and Laptops, Apple is still realizes on Intel Chips.

But the story of Microprocessor is not just limited to Smartphones, tablets and Laptops, this  technology has reached in our washrooms and kitchens and also used in our automobiles. They have become an integral part our sacred lived. We cant imagine our life without Washing Machines, Microwave, Handy-cams, AC  and refrigerators and even in our LCD/LED TV's. And you might have also herd about the Bravia engine in Sony's tv ad and Vierra Engine in Panasonic tv ad. Guyz, Sony also uses its own special engine(microprocessor) which are specially designed to improve the way you watch TV, and this engine is also used in Cameras by Sony.

Not just entertainment these small-small chips have also been proved as a small life saving chips. In  many major life saving operations and in the making of many life saving drugs, we should be really very thankful to this chip. And I really believe the man who ever coined the idea of making this supper Chip, should be given the Nobel prize and all the great prizes of the planet earth. Coz' I believe after the invention of fire and tyre, these small-small Microprocessor chips have really changed our way of life we live.

Well still much more has to come, I am just waiting for the scientist to invent a super fast Space Ship which will really open many dimensions for humans. And I just wish, in making our life smart, we don't leave the humanity in the corner.